Glencove is a 100% Irish owned company for modern, busy people tasked with the serious responsibility of organising a special event for a close, special friend or a special loved-one. Those tasked and entrusted with creating special landmark and milestone memories.

Started back in 2008 by Irish business woman and entrepreneur, Kate Hyde, back with her first website, Henparty.ie, Glencove has grown through expansion and acquisition to be the largest provider of small group events in Ireland with hundreds of thousands of people on our events since the start. Get in!

We love what we do! We are passionate, we are ambitious and we are still growing. Our vision at Glencove is to continue to grow year on year, both in Ireland and abroad, and continue to lead in the events space. Every year our company has grown and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

We are the people behind Henparty.ie, Stagparty.ie and now Babyshower.ie, Bigpotatoes.ie and more and we are constantly working on new ideas to grow our group. We are driven and our ambition to excel keeps us fresh!

Glencove, where fun is serious business.

We are always looking for great talent to join our team!

Our team is important to us here at Glencove. We look for passionate, focused, ambitious and driven people to work in our company. We look for people with a little bit of magic sauce. We work hard and we play hard.

We post vacancies on this website in the news section and also on various media platforms but feel free to drop us an email to info@glencovegroup.com to tell us about yourself and why you want to work with us!

Our suppliers are so important to us here at Glencove.. We have built and maintained strong long term relationships with our suppliers both in Ireland and abroad over the years, and we are always looking to build more.

If you are a business that is interested in working with any of our Glencove brands just pop us an email to info@glencovegroup.com and lets talk!

As Irelands largest small event organiser we have access to your market! Our key demographic is your key demographic and we have so many ways for you to reach your audience.

Drop us an email on advertising@glencovegroup.com to tell us about your business and options we have for you to reach your target audience. Cos we can.